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Simplify Your Time Management with Online Time Tracking and Attendance Software

June 14, 2023

Are you looking for ways to simplify your time and attendance management, reduce administrative tasks and improve accuracy? Implementing robust time and attendance software may be the solution if you are. Let’s take a look at how improving your time and attendance tracking can help your business.

Why Accurately Tracking Time and Attendance Is Important

Accurately tracking time and attendance goes far beyond simply ensuring your employees are at work on time, performing their jobs, and staying productive. Of course, those things are vitally important, but your employees and HR staff may be spending too much time tracking their time if you’re not using the right time and attendance software. The right cloud-based time and attendance software can not only help you accurately track how your employees spend their time, but it can also simplify your time management and administrative tasks, which allows your employees to spend their time on more productive and profitable tasks so that you can improve your company’s bottom line.

How to Implement Time Tracking and Attendance Software

Simplifying your time and attendance tracking starts with good software implementation and teaching your employees how to use it.

Train Your Employees on the Use of the Software and the Importance of Time Tracking

The first step in successfully implementing your new online time tracking and attendance software is to train your employees to use it. Make sure to tell your employees about the new software, help them load it onto their devices, and instruct them on the practices and usage of the software and if the system automatically clocks them in and out based on their location or if they have to check-in with the app each time they clock in and out for their shifts and breaks.

A Comprehensive Guide to Time and Attendance

Automate Certain Tasks

Robust time tracking software comes with a whole host of features, like GPS tracking, geofencing, and the ability to automate certain tasks. For example, you could automate breaks and lunches and send reminders to employees when it’s almost time for them to take their break, eat lunch or clock out for the day. Some software, like Payday Payroll’s Time and Attendance Software, allows you to set up a geofence, and along with GPS positioning, this geofence automatically clock people in and out when they enter and leave the area. This helps ensure accurate time punching and eliminates the need to round times.

Collect the Right Data

Determine all the ways in which you need to use your time and attendance data. The most obvious reason is to ensure that your employees are paid for all the time they work, including overtime, if they’re hourly or nonexempt. For your hourly employees, you’ll also need to make sure that they’re taking all their breaks. However, time tracking software can go beyond simply recording time clock punches. It can be used to record how much time your employees spend on specific tasks and performing work for certain clients.

This is particularly helpful if your company bills clients by the hour or if you need to estimate the cost of a project for a new client. This is because you can review your records on similar projects to see how many hours your employees spent on them. Then, you can better calculate how much time your employees would spend on the new project to create accurate cost estimates.

Take Advantage of the Time and Attendance Software’s Features

Once you have your online time and attendance software, ensure you’re taking advantage of all its features. Along with tracking time clock punches, your software should also allow you to create and post schedules and allow your employees to request PTO days and vacations. Extremely robust software also allows you to use biometric clocks, smartphone apps, and online portals so that your employees have options when it comes to tracking their time.

Time and Attendance Software from Payday Payroll

Payday Payroll can help your business streamline its time and attendance tracking, help you improve payroll and client billing accuracy, and help ensure that you’re compliant with all of the current labor laws.

Our software also includes custom solutions tailored to how your employees work, including biometric clocks, online portals, smartphone apps, and even time cards. With our software, you can even use GPS tracking, geofencing, and IP address restrictions so that your employees’ time punches are as accurate and secure as possible.

Contact us today to learn how our online time tracking and attendance software can help simplify your time tracking and payroll while saving you time.

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