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How to Get the Best Out of Your Team with a Time-Tracking System?

August 03, 2023

A time-tracking solution brings efficiency, reduced labor costs, and improved customer service to the modern business landscape. The system allows employers to not only track an employee's time but their productivity, as well. This will enable them to spot inefficiencies in team productivity and look for solutions quickly.

With the right time-tracking system, companies can analyze how long it takes to complete a task and look for ways to improve workflow. It also provides for enhanced management of resources and to set quantifiable goals. Simply put, it can help you get the best out of your team.

Importance of  a Time-Tracking Solution

Productivity is a critical factor in business profit. According to a study by the University of California, Irvine, employees experience a disruption every three to five seconds on average. It could be an email or phone call. It might be answering a question from another employee or even just chatting.

After the disruption, it takes 23 minutes to refocus on the project at hand. That adds up to three seconds of work every 26 minutes. When you factor in breaks, lunch, meetings, and other business events, an office worker might spend three hours doing something productive.

All this happens without the employer realizing it. The employee gets paid for the time they are at work, not for how productive they stay.

A time-tracking system allows businesses to:

  • Have more accurate payroll runs
  • Better task allocation
  • Improves workflow and employee performance

Time-Tracking Solution and Productivity

Workforce management is where this system shines. It allows businesses to find the strengths and weaknesses of each employee. That means more efficient job assignments and task management.

Each employee has unique skill sets. The time-tracking system will allow companies to see if they set employees up for success. If they put someone on one task and are unproductive, they can move them to another. The system provides a metric to measure trial and error until a balance exists.

Employee Engagement and Time-Tracking System

By finding the right task for each employee, you also boost their engagement. Poor productivity can be a sign of boredom. Finding work better suited to their skill set may increase engagement and organically enhance productivity.

It can also give employers a better sense of what it takes to complete a task. If they see the employee is continually working but taking longer than expected, they can adjust their expectations or add more people to the assignment.

If an employee feels the task is too much for one person, the employer has data to prove or disprove a claim. If they see the employee is highly productive but struggling, they may need to assign more team members.

Time-Tracking Solution for Streamlined Task Allocation

A time-tracking system makes productivity more transparent. That allows management to allocate their resources wisely. They know upfront if they need three employees in one area but can stay efficient with one in another.

Role of Payday Payroll 

Not all time-tracking solutions are equal, though. With Payday Payroll Solutions time-tracking and attendance, businesses simplify their time management. With this program, you automate specific tasks, such as breaks and clock-out times, to control overtime. And, if you are using our Scheduling solution, the system will remind employees that it is almost time to clock out.

The system also features GPS tracking and geofencing. Geofencing logs employee clock-in and out times based on a virtual boundary around a specific location. This is especially helpful for businesses looking to manage overtime or bill clients by the hour.

The time and attendance feature allows for posting schedules and processing requests for time off. That eliminates the lost notes and misunderstandings about vacation requests.

Some other features you'll find include:

  • Biometric clocks
  • Online portals
  • Smartphone apps
  • Time cards
  • IP address restrictions

You can't accurately access employee time management without tracking how they use that time. A time-tracking system solves that problem by giving you a window into their productivity. With that information, you can assign tasks, improve payroll accuracy and use resources wisely.

Learn more about Payday Payroll's time-tracking solution for enhancing team productivity and engagement.

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