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How do I Track a Field Employee's Attendance?

July 31, 2023

Work happens in a wider variety of locations than ever before. But, even organizations whose workforce includes field employees need accurate and effective tracking of those employees' attendance. Remote attendance management can be unwieldy with punch cards and spreadsheets. For the most accurate field employee tracking, you need a quality time and attendance system.

The Challenges of Field Employee Attendance Tracking

When you have employees in the field, it can be hard to track the hours they are working accurately. Working with hand-written time sheets or physical punch cards means you and your employee can make errors when tracking time.

Plus, without a time and attendance system, overseeing a workforce providing goods and services throughout your area can be impossible. This can lead to poor time reporting, poor coverage of your routes, and wasted time and effort.

The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) requires accurate records of all time worked. This helps you be sure that overpayments or underpayments do not occur.

The Need for Modern Solutions

A modern workforce can't run on outdated technology. You need modern, accurate solutions for managing your mobile workforce. Mobile time tracking removes the guesswork and ensures your employees' time in the field is always accurately tracked. GPS tracking shows us where your field employees are spending their time, so you always know they are where they are needed.

How GPS Tracking Works

GPS tracking allows you to get real-time information about where your field employees clock in and out.  Our easy-to-use App on a mobile device, eliminates any guess work on where employees are when on the clock.

Mobile Time Tracking and Its Benefits

Mobile time tracking means you always have the most accurate and up-to-the-minute information about your employees' movements in the field. You have better control of expenses, allowing you to price your goods and services accurately. Data-driven insights mean you can make informed decisions about scheduling and coverage so that employees have a better work/life balance and your resources are used effectively.

Role of the Time and Attendance System

When you have employees out in the field, neither you nor they want to waste energy on micromanaging. The time and attendance system automatically tracks their location and time worked so that you can get on with your day.

Knowing where they are, you can be sure you have the right number of people covering an area. This cuts both downtime and the workload each employee has. You can schedule accurately while ensuring your employees are compensated how they should be.

How Payday Payroll Can Help

Payday Payroll's system makes tracking employee time in the field painless and easy. Set up GPS tracking so you know where your valuable employees spend their time. Features like geofencing help you ensure that everyone is in the area they need to be.

Customize your solution to reflect your enterprise's unique needs. Your employees get accurate reporting of their hours, and you get a better, more data-driven look at how your employees work every day.

Ready to revolutionize your field workforce management? Contact Payday Payroll today for a comprehensive solution.

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