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7 Talent Acquisition Strategies to Find the Best Employees

June 21, 2023

Finding good employees is important, but keeping them is even more vital. Companies are having to put in more effort to appeal to the best employees and ensure that they'll stay. In a recent survey, over half of all respondents said they planned to look for a new job in the next 12 months.

A good talent acquisition program can help ensure applicants see your company as a place they can contribute and grow. Among the top strategies to add to your recruitment methods:

Offer Competitive Pay and Comprehensive Benefits

Today's applicants have more information than ever about what people in their industry earn. If you want to draw the attention of top talent, you need to offer compensation that matches their skills.

HR and other decision-makers can use the same tools applicants do to learn what other companies in your industry are paying. Look at job listings and job review sites often to see how you stack up.

It also pays to make benefits attractive and easy to sign up for. Payday's recruiting and onboarding solutions make benefits enrollment automatic and easy.

Stay Committed to Diversity and Inclusion

Gen Z applicants, in particular, consider diversity a high priority. In a recent Washington Post article, multiple job hunters said they looked around the room during interviews to gauge the company's make-up and real values.

If your company has not consciously worked to support diversity, this is an area where improvement will pay off. Study what others in your industry and related industries are doing to nurture an inclusive workplace.

Cultivate a Positive Company Culture

A positive company culture doesn't happen by accident. It results from a deliberate and mindful effort to create a harmonious workplace.

A positive company culture is one where employees feel supported and valued. People on your teams should feel they can work together smoothly and create work with value. They should find the job fulfilling.

Many companies feel that time spent in the office is the only way to cultivate a collaborative and positive environment. But today's remote office tools mean that even far flung teams can work together and feel good about their company culture. Be flexible to show how much you value the people who come to work for your brand.

Nurture Talent Pipelines

The best way to find good employees is to start courting them months or years before you have a role in mind. Nurturing multiple talent pipelines ensures you always have a good supply of candidates for every position.

Partner with area universities so your company is known to students before they are ready for the workplace. Internships, sponsorship of teams, and volunteer speakers are all tools to get in front of students.

It would be best if you also encouraged current employees to make referrals. Many companies have found that referral bonuses make current employees more likely to recommend friends and colleagues.

Pay Attention to Your Branding

Companies need to remember they have three distinct audiences, all of whom are paying attention to how you present yourself. Most remember to craft a brand appealing to customers. But you will set your company apart from the rest by creating a brand that appeals to applicants and current employees.

Engage All the Stakeholders in Recruiting Decisions

HR can become isolated from the needs of other departments. To be sure you are recruiting the sorts of talent, your company needs, regularly talk with current employees. They can tell you what sorts of people make good cultural fits and what skillsets are needed.

Most companies will find that a combination of approaches works best to bring in the employees who will be the best fit. Talent acquisition is an ongoing process. Continue to do good work on several fronts to bring in the best talent and keep current workers happy.

Upgrade Your Talent Acquisition

Do you want to enhance your talent acquisition efforts to find and retain top-tier employees? Discover Payday Payroll's Recruiting and Onboarding solutions today. Let us help you streamline your recruitment process, save time, and find the best talent for your organization. Visit our website to learn more or schedule a demo.


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