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Businesses Are Struggling To Hire; Here's What They Can Do About It.

August 10, 2021

Is your company finding it difficult to hire new employees? If your answer is yes, don’t worry, you're certainly not alone. Conversations on this topic have come up amongst our customers, so we are sharing this post to discuss some recommendations to help with the issue and get applicants through your door. 

42% of small businesses say that they have jobs they can't fill 

Many business owners are currently struggling to find people who want to work, and COVID-19 is the biggest culprit to blame. The pandemic has created a number of reasons potential employees are choosing not to work right now. From the risk of exposure and infection, children at home needing care, or unemployment insurance becoming an option, there are several reasons that are holding so many back from applying for a position at a company like yours.

An important thing to keep in mind is that when one chooses not to work, they miss out on many benefits. A job provides a lot more than just a paycheck, such as contributing to the community, developing skills, advancing their career, funding their retirement, and more. When someone is not working, they are missing out on all these opportunities.  Employers need to understand that they might leverage these benefits to appeal to those who have removed themselves from the workforce and convince them that working for them really is worth it.  

Safety, Flexibility, and Pay 

Employers first must address a foundational hierarchy of employment needs which are safety, flexibility, and pay. With COVID-19 continuing to remain a serious threat to our population, realistic fears and concerns will mean some people just aren't going to work. With that being said, employers need to realize that others may be open to working if they feel confident that the job won't be putting them or the ones they care about in danger.  Flexibility from an employer is a big component for many potential applicants. This could be accomplished through the initial scheduling of shifts or the ability to rearrange working hours. With this, you will likely receive more applicants and have a lower turnover rate, a huge positive for any company. Potential employees are also more likely to work if the pay is worth the risk and helps cover working costs. 

Career development opportunities 

Applicants may feel that the responsibilities will not lead to an exciting career path or teach skills that boost resumes in some positions.   Employers AND employees choose what skills are learned and used in every position. An employer should not try to draw people in by giving a job a fancier title than what it entails but rather set the job up to provide skills training for more advanced positions within the company.  

Attractive job postings and hiring process  

Recruiters and hiring managers understand what they’re looking for in a new hire and write job postings that are simple and effective. If you, as an employer, offer any of the benefits discussed above, it's important to showcase them in your posting with concrete examples and as part of an engaging story. But remember, if your hiring process is a chore for applicants to get through, no training opportunities or benefits may be worth it to the applicant. The longer a candidate has to wait for an offer, the more likely they’ll turn down that job offer.  

Luckily, we have a solution to that problem. With our recruiting and onboarding solutions, the hiring process can be simplified and streamlined. Click here to find out more information and see what our company can do to help. 

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