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How to improve your job postings

September 28, 2021

A job posting is often the first impression a prospective job applicant has with your organization, so be sure to be informative and make it count!

The job posts you create should include why someone would want to work for your company, what distinguishes your workplace from another, what's exciting about your mission and vision, what you have to offer, and what the job is and requires. Here are some tips to get better results from your postings.  

Highlight the company's strengths  You are trying to sell your organization to prospective employees so be sure to include both traditional benefits (insurance offerings, retirement plan) as well as less common, more exciting perks (unlimited PTO, remote work options, product discounts). You should also be sure to mention company awards, notable achievements, and career development opportunities.  

List the minimum requirements and essential functions of the job- This could also mean including a full job description, but be sure to be accurate and clear! This way you won't scare away prospects with unnecessary requirements, but also prevent unqualified people from applying. 

Include the pay range- By just posting a job's pay range, you will get 30% more applicants! This will also save you and applicants time by allowing them to decide whether or not the range is too low for their needs or clearly shows you are looking for a more experienced employee. This is not a requirement but promotes transparency and helps to create a more equitable workplace.  

Analyze the results of previous job posting locations, especially if you paid for them- Make sure you are getting your money's worth by seeing how many applications came specifically from that source. Then ask were the Candidates qualified? Did you end up hiring them?  

Consider alternatives to where you’ve posted in the past 

-Overlooked talent pools 

-community events and job fairs in your area  

-Local schools  

-Previous applicants  

Once you get to this point, our team is here to help you with the next steps. Check out our streamlined hiring solutions  

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