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Prebuilt Applicant Tracking & Onboarding

July 17, 2023

Part of having a strong onboarding program is making sure you can accurately track and organize your talent profiles. To facilitate the hiring process, an applicant tracking system enables the posting of job vacancies, tracking the progress of applicants, and facilitates the onboarding process for new employees to ensure their readiness to start work.

Designing a system like that requires time and precision to avoid complications. That’s why using a prebuilt system for HR software can make a huge difference to your team. In this article, we’ll explore what a prebuilt applicant system is, and how it can help you improve efficiency in your organization while helping you find the best possible applicants.

What is a Prebuilt Applicant Tracking System?

An applicant tracking system is a piece of HR software that helps you manage your open positions, roles, and onboarding for your company. It will often help you in every step of the application process, from posting an open role to scheduling interviews, checking in with references, updating the status of your applicants, and onboarding the new hire into the company.

While many customizable systems are available, these can take away from your tasks to set up and manage. Therefore, there is an option to have a prebuilt applicant tracking & onboarding system already set up to help create a streamlined hiring process and automate your onboarding. A prebuilt system will already have the main functions set up, allowing you to focus on selecting the best applicants and growing your team.

Advantages of Utilizing a Prebuilt Applicant System

There are many advantages to having a prebuilt applicant system in your organization. Here are a few of the most important factors to consider as you look at prebuilt applicant tracking and onboarding systems so you understand exactly what benefits you are getting.

Easily Post Your Jobs

An applicant system provides you with the convenience of easily posting individual job listings or utilizing our dedicated careers page, showcasing all the current open positions available for applicants.

Better Application Process

The traditional application process for companies is long, complicated, and frustrating for both the applicant and the hiring manager. Using a prebuilt applicant system allows you to streamline the hiring process and deliver a better experience to your applicants. It also makes it easier for you to track the status of applicants as they move along the pipeline.

Better Onboarding Process

In addition to improving your application process, a prebuilt applicant tracking system also helps you create easy onboarding programs that can be accessed and used by all new hires. Rather than wondering if you’ve given a new hire all the relevant information and training materials they need, you can set them up on a prebuilt program that guides them through the onboarding process with automated onboarding technology.

Save Valuable Time

As a hiring manager, there are many tasks and roles that you need to fill on a daily basis. Trying to track the status of applications or review current job postings shouldn’t take up all the time in your day. However, the reality for most HR managers is that they spend too many hours on the little details. The software will handle the heavy lifting for you, allowing you to spend time on higher-level tasks requiring your attention.

Reduce Paperwork

Trying to track down loose paper applications and printed reference sheets is a nightmare for you and your team. HR software keeps track of all necessary documents and information without checking emails for attachments and searching through files for a simple agreement sheet. Everything from tax forms to signatures to onboarding tracks are all saved in a single location.

How Payday Payroll’s Applicant Tracking & Onboarding System Can Help Your Business

Managing your application and onboarding process is a huge part of your role as an HR manager. Knowing how to create a streamlined hiring process and use automated onboarding to your advantage can help you make more informed decisions, implement more efficiency, and save time for the things that matter most.

Ready to streamline your hiring process and automate your onboarding experience? Explore Payday Payroll’s Applicant Tracking & Onboarding solution today. Visit our website to learn more or schedule a demo. Let us help you simplify your HR processes and find the best talent for your organization.

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