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The Rise of Cloud-Based HR Solutions

November 17, 2023

Cloud-based HR solutions are a relatively new tool for HR professionals and businesses. This technology offers streamlined functionality while providing many HR-related resources and tools to businesses. Human resource software makes managing your workforce easy. Payday Payroll HR Solutions provides a one-stop shop for your payroll and HR needs.

It is crucial to understand the significance of cloud-based HR solutions. Decide for yourself whether this human resource software is the right choice for your company:

The Problem With On-Premises HR Solutions

Many established companies have struggled with on-premises legacy software, and HR professionals who have worked with this type of software can attest to the problems they create. Typically, this type of software offers no self-service functionality and leaves HR professionals to perform a range of low-level HR transactions that employees cannot perform for themselves.

This keeps HR professionals busy with busy work and prevents them from engaging in higher-level, more critical tasks. This type of software often needs upgrades and repairs to continue functioning, and still does not operate efficiently. Reporting capability is often lacking in this type of software as well, leaving companies in the dark and incapable of generating essential data.

Benefits of HR Cloud-Based Solutions

Cloud-based HR software is becoming the way of functional businesses for many reasons. Although switching to a cloud-based system can be challenging for businesses that have long relied on legacy software, this change is a positive one with many benefits.

  • Cost-effective. Generally speaking, cloud offerings require a reasonable monthly cost and no initial investment in hardware. This pay-as-you-go service allows businesses to avoid expensive long-term contracts. The company that offers the HR software is responsible for all maintenance, which is included in the cost of the monthly fee.

  • No maintenance required. Upgrades for cloud-based HR solutions occur seamlessly and with little or no involvement from subscribers.

  • Accessible for everyone, anywhere. One of the great benefits of cloud-based HR solutions is that they're available to anyone who needs access to them from any location (provided that the user has Internet access). This is beneficial for all companies but can be especially beneficial for companies that are operational in multiple locations, employ work-from-home employees, or have employees who work in the field.

  • Scalable for businesses of all sizes. Cloud-based services can easily be scaled up or down to meet users' needs.

  • Easy deployment. While all companies have unique qualities, most do not need customized software to run their HR department. Cloud-based services are made to be easily deployed by companies of all types.

  • Self-service capabilities. When employees can access and change their own information, HR staff are freed from administrative tasks. Self-service capabilities save HR professionals time and allow them the freedom to work on more complex tasks.

What to Consider When Choosing a Cloud-Based HR Solutions Provider

Choosing a cloud-based HR solutions provider isn't easy. While affordability is a consideration for all businesses, the functionality of the product should be paramount. Look for a system with the features your business needs to manage all your employee's HR needs. Consider core HR functions like recruitment, talent management, and progressive discipline documentation.


Support from the company is another factor to consider. The HR solution you choose is only as good as its customer support. There are many ways to assess a company's customer support, starting from the first interaction. 

  • Are they easy to reach? 
  • Do they answer your questions timely and accurately? 
  • Do they have customer testimonials or customer reviews that you can consider? 

All this and more is worth reviewing. Once you've selected human resource software, you'll want to stay with that company for a long time.


Consider the pricing when selecting a cloud-based HR system for your business. Each platform has varying costs, so it's essential to determine your budget. A good HR system streamlines processes and saves you money. Remember to factor this into your budget.


Implementation is one more factor to consider. A good HR solutions company will provide the support that you need to implement their product in your business. Find out from the companies that you're considering how they will support your company, and what services are provided during implementation.

Turn to Payday for Your Cloud-Based HR Solutions

Payday Payroll HR Solutions offers cloud-based HR solutions for businesses of all sizes and types. Streamline your HR operations today with a free demo of Payday Payroll's cloud-based solutions. Contact us to learn more about Payday Payroll.


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