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Boosting Staff Engagement in Restaurants: Leveraging Employee Self-Service for Success

February 13, 2024

Employee turnover rates tend to be higher in the hospitality industry, but there are ways to increase employee engagement and longevity. One solution is to offer employee self-service tools, which allow staff to handle various HR administrative tasks on their own time. These digital platforms empower employees and improve their overall employment experience. In this blog, we'll explore the benefits of an employee self-service (ESS) platform and how it can help boost staff engagement in a successful restaurant or franchise.

Features of an Employee Self-Service Portal

Secure Access Anytime and Anywhere

Employees can access a wealth of work-related information through an employee self-service hub. The ESS allows them to track their paid time off (PTO), update contact and withholding information, update their bank account numbers, and more. This is done at the employee's convenience from any computer, smartphone, or mobile device.

Secure and Admissions Based

Each employee has their own individual login to access their HR data and other information. Your HR department controls the permissions in the system, so employees can only see their own private information. The ESS system assures individual privacy and regulatory compliance.

Scheduling and Time Tracking

Restaurant employees appreciate the ability to check their shift schedules online without waiting for regular business hours to call. Depending on how your organization uses the ESS, they may even be able to swap shifts with other workers, all without involving HR. If your hospitality business offers paid time off, they can monitor it on the platform. They can also request time off and have it approved or rejected by a manager on the same platform.

Benefits Administration

If you offer employees benefits like health and life insurance, they can access it through your digital tools for restaurant management. Employees can review their policies and statements, download copies of benefit cards, and stay up-to-date on any payments or personal information that benefit providers need.

Transparency for Enhancing Employee Engagement

Many tasks that employees can carry out on an ESS are administrative functions that HR would traditionally handle. An ESS can be a major time and money saver for your business. Employees don't have to go to HR anytime they have a question about scheduling, PTO, or benefits, because they're empowered to access it themselves. All of this makes for a more transparent workplace than used to be possible before the development of digital restaurant HR solutions.

Improved Data Security

If you still rely on a paper documents system, your employees' personal information could be at risk. Many businesses are out of compliance regarding storing and securing confidential employee information. An ESS is safe and secure and allows your HR department to keep you in compliance with minimal effort.

Increased Accuracy in Employee Information

Since employees can access their W-4s, I-9s, or other employment data, they are much more likely to recognize typos or human errors that occurred during data input. They can change their contact and banking information, update their household and withholding status, and more.

Turnover does tend to be higher in hospitality than in other industries, so accurate record-keeping is vitally important. An ESS takes care of that for you. Even after employees leave your restaurant, they can still access their account to view and download old paystubs and tax documents.

Fewer Administrative Tasks for HR

Many employee self-service functions are administrative tasks that tend to bog down HR staffers. When employees have the power to do these tasks themselves, it frees up valuable time on both sides. Your HR department can spend more time attracting good talent and contributing to the success of your restaurant, and less time having to answer employee questions.

Elevate Employee Engagement with Payday Payroll

Payday Payroll's self-service solutions can help elevate your restaurant's employee engagement. Through ESS's empowerment, your employees are more likely to stay motivated and engaged. Connect with us to learn more!

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